7 days to a better business – Day 1

I love working for myself, so much so that I also love helping others who want to work for themselves! It’s an exciting and scary decision to make, but so rewarding! As I work for Younique (MLM) and Ann Summers (Party Plan) all of my posts will refer to these types of businesses but you can obviously use the same strategies with any business 🙂

Over the next week I will be doing a 7 day kick start to your business, whether you are party plan or network marketing hopefully there will be something for everyone in here and of course feel free to ask questions, add me on facebook and talk to others who comment on here and on the facebook page, you can never have too many friends!!

So lets get cracking!

Day 1 : Getting started (or getting reestablished!)

Have a think about what you do, or sell. Do you have your social medias all set up to tell people what you do?

If you are on facebook make sure you have done the following:

* Added your business into your ‘about me’ job section and that is it publicly visible
* Ensure your customers can message you (a lot of people have this set to messages from friends only)
* Also do you want people to be able to friend request you? if so make sure this is active too!
If you aren’t sure what people can see on your profile when they aren’t your friend you can click on yourself, and ‘view as’ to see this 🙂

Do you want to have a separate profile/page? If so remember you must keep it updated, having a derelict page is more damaging than having no page at all, who wants to buy from a business which looks like it is closed?

With Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc, add it into your bio, what you do, how you can be contacted and make it interesting 🙂

Try not to link all your social medias to auto update each other, this looks lazy and posts on facebook don’t translate very well onto twitter so people will skim past them if its just all text with a link on when it should be a photo

You can find me on facebook – www.facebook.com/itsmechrissyj – you’ll see my profile is pretty much public – I want people to see I am real! Im just not a spammy selling robot 🙂 Feel free to add me (or follow me I don’t mind either way!)

So now all your social medias are updated (big thumbs up if you stopped reading to go do it!!)

NEXT STEP : Do you tell people what YOU do, when was the last time you mentioned your business?

I see people all the time moaning they ‘never sell anything’ and when you scroll down their news feed they haven’t mentioned their business for several months. People read ALOT of posts on a daily basis, don’t expect them to remember something you posted months and months ago, they will just think you don’t do it anymore and move onto the next person. SO shout about your business!!!

It doesn’t have to be a selling post, mention what a great party you had last night with Sally, or that you were complimented on your lashes by Jo today! Just keeping your products in their mind will remind people what you do without bombarding them with BUY MY PRODUCT posts – If you are new to the business, use the fake it till you make rule – in your upline support team/group they will have photos, posts, examples you can use – USE THEM!

That is all for today – you all have something to go and get on with so I’ll see you all again tomorrow!

Chrissy J xx

Let me know your thoughts!