ActiDiet by ActiDerm

So after several years of enjoying my food my weight had crept up to 12 stone  (whoops!) At 5ft 2 this is borderline very overweight so I thought I should perhaps do something about it as its now affecting my back and knees :'( so thought I’d try actiderm

After having tried Vi and Juice Plus and not being a fan I settled for the ActiDiet. Im starting with a ‘7 day shred’ which consists of a shake, 800 calories (including the shake at 167) 2 litres of water and a hunger curbing liquid supplement that you add to a further 500ml of water. The food guide is high protein low carb which is fairly standard for shake diets.


Its £25 for the week and you can only follow its every 4 weeks as its so restrictive.

So tomorrow I will begin and keep you all updated!

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