If you have children you will have almost definitely had one of these moments…. They ask for toast, you promptly serve them toast, a tantrum follows because what they actually wanted was cereal and now you are the worst parent in the world! (Or at least that is how they make you feel!) Fear not – if you are on instagram you can now share your #assholeparent moments with the world  and more importantly see you are not alone with your relentless indecisive child! Its made me smile, after having 5 children I’ve had so many of these moments i could write a book or two, but with them now all past the tantrum stage (although the teenagers will give it a good go!) Its good to look and realise i wasnt as bad as i thought i was – and parents there is light at the end of the tunnel, it does pass – honest! You can follow the page here : http://i.instagram.com/assholeparents/

ChrissyJ xx