Birmingham – Night off :)

So last night after about 8 months of ‘we should definitely arrange a night out’ we finally did it! So hotel booked, bags packs (and im serious with the plural there!) Off to Birmingham we go… after hours of watching the voice, eating, drinking and sort of getting ready we realise it’s nearly 10pm and we should probably get a move on!

So taxi called – after the cat calls walking through the hotel (seriously guys its not attractive!!) We are finally ready to hit the town!!

We danced the night away, with some random moments in between, including the guy looking for his cat, percy, which he then called Henry  (perhaps thats why you cant find him?) And striking our best gangster pose with him

Some random guys who wanted pics with us…

asking us to stroke their mates beard in Walkabout Birmingham so they can win a bet,

wearing not one, not even 2 but THREE people’s drinks over my shoes and legs in Risa Birmingham and LOTS of photo bombing

we finally stumbled back to the hotel about 3am – exhausted, sore feet and realising perhaps we are a little too old for all this – well till next time anyway! 😉

ChrissyJ xxx