Can you really make a career from Blogging?

When I first registered my WordPress account back in 2015 I had no idea where it was going to lead I certainly didn’t think I would even make a career from blogging For the first few years I often forgot I even had a blog, using it to post about some of the most randomContinue reading “Can you really make a career from Blogging?”

Christmas Markets – My Top Tips for selling as a Small Business

Wow how is it August already? Can you believe Christmas (and therefore Christmas Markets!) are right around the corner?! Yep I went there, I don’t even care it’s only August it is time to get prepared for THE BIGGEST season for any small business. If like me you are already planning for all those ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas Markets – My Top Tips for selling as a Small Business”

The Business Box – will it really be your favourite business expense?

You all know I love a good subscription box! I love the excitement of that box arriving and just not knowing what will be inside. The Business Box had been stalking me on my sponsored ads for a while now so I decided to give it a go and here is how it went… WhatContinue reading “The Business Box – will it really be your favourite business expense?”

5 Reasons to Shop or Sell on Vinted

I recently discovered Vinted and I can’t believe how addictive it is. So here are my 5 Reasons to Shop or Sell on Vinted! You can find me on Vinted here – don’t forget to hit follow to be notified of new listings! What is Vinted? Vinted is a buying/selling platform for pre-owned items –Continue reading “5 Reasons to Shop or Sell on Vinted”

Get yourself organised with these 2022 Planners

I love (trying) to be organised and I have a real planner addiction! So here I am sharing my top picks of 2022 Planners that I have found Dodo Planner Dated – £17.95 + £3.95 postage – Available here This super colourful illustrated planner ticks all boxes. Its slim line so great for carrying aboutContinue reading “Get yourself organised with these 2022 Planners”

5 ways to earn extra money

Whether you just want to top up your income or need a bit of cash to put toward a specific thing here are 5 little ways you can earn extra money (or save a bit!). I love making and saving money wherever possible so here are just a few of the things I do toContinue reading “5 ways to earn extra money”

Fully Biodegradable Make Up Palettes?

This year we have been trying to make better choices with the products we buy and the amount of waste we produce. We know we can’t change overnight so it’s been small consistent changes along the way. So when I came across these Fully Biodegradable Make Up Palettes I was pretty excited to give themContinue reading “Fully Biodegradable Make Up Palettes?”

Tiktok New Feature – Extended Videos

As a massive Tiktok fan I was super excited to log in this morning and see I have been chosen to trial out a new feature before its rolled out across the platform. I’m not sure why as I’m sure my Tiktok isn’t setting the world on fire with its content but I do loveContinue reading “Tiktok New Feature – Extended Videos”

Etsy – New Fee Coming in 1st July

If you already sell on Etsy you’ll be aware the fee structure isn’t the easiest to understand (Sale fee, Processing fee, shipping fee, offsite ads, oh and don’t forget the VAT!) but now it seems Etsy are introducing another fee to your bill the Regulatory Operating fee. Etsy: A Regulatory Operating fee is set toContinue reading “Etsy – New Fee Coming in 1st July”

Why you should be using TikTok for your business

You may have seen the dance crazes, the funny viral videos and lots of things to distract you from whatever you are supposed to be doing but here are just a few reasons you should be using Tiktok for your business! Large brands have already realised the potential of Tiktok and are creating their ownContinue reading “Why you should be using TikTok for your business”