Operation Renovation – Chloe & Lottie’s Shared Room Decor Ideas

Shared Room Decor Ideas When we finally completed after the seller messing us around and the estate agent being little to no help we had a real task on our hands getting the house ready to move into in just a few days before we had to leave our rented accommodation. I thought I wouldContinue reading “Operation Renovation – Chloe & Lottie’s Shared Room Decor Ideas”

Our Wrenovation – Wren Kitchens Experience

When we purchased our house in July 2020 we knew one of our first, and biggest projects was going to be completely replacing the kitchen. We budgeted for this in our purchase price and thankfully we did stay within budget! We used Wren Kitchens Blackpole. When we moved in we realised just how dated theContinue reading “Our Wrenovation – Wren Kitchens Experience”

5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Decorate Your Kid’s Room

Unsplash Perhaps you’re keen to decorate your child’s room and you’d like to keep things green?  As consumers we all have a responsibility to reduce waste where possible, and think carefully about what we buy. These Eco-Friendly bedroom ideas will help you to create a beautiful bedroom for your child, and reduce your carbon footprintContinue reading “5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Decorate Your Kid’s Room”

Unicorn Bedroom Ideas

Holly was super excited when it became her turn to have her own room decorated, she is an absolute unicorn lover! Luckily we weren’t short of places to find Unicorn Bedroom Ideas that every little girl dreams of Her criteria was everything needed to be pink and / or have a unicorns on it, luckilyContinue reading “Unicorn Bedroom Ideas”