Facebook Jail and how to avoid it

If you’ve ever been in Facebook ‘jail’ you’ll know the inconvenience it can cause you. From a few hour ban for posting in too many groups to a 28 day complete ban (ouch!)

There are a few different bans you can get

A message block (to stop you sending private messages)
A friend request / accept block
A commenting / posting block in groups
A blocked ‘like’ page
A profile block excl messaging
A profile black inc messaging (Full restriction)
Profile changed to a ‘like’ page
Account closure

There doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rules as to what actions lead to which bans!

But as a guide here are some steps you can take to avoid them 

Do not copy and paste the same message and/or pictures repeatedly whether via inbox or in groups / pages especially if you have copied someone else’s wording and/or pictures as Facebook can detect a specific picture as a ‘spammy picture’ and could result in a ban even the first time you use it! You may also see the error that a photo cannot be posted and this will be for the same reason as above

You can also be banned from Facebook or have your profile turned into a page if you are seen to be representing a business and not a person – avoid this by not having pictures of products / heavily word based pictures on your profile and cover photo – this can be done with or without warning – imagine how heartbroken you would be to lose all your personal pictures, messages etc all because your profile picture was on a mascara wand or a weight loss shake!? This also goes for using your business name ‘Christine Younique Jones’ just isn’t allowed!

Posting constant links on your profile is another sure way to get yourself a ban as is

  • Sending multiple friends requests in a short space of time
  • Sending multiple copy and pasted messages
  • Copying and pasting in lots of groups in a short space of time
  • Tagging people in photos, which they aren’t actually in
  • Inbox messaging lots of people who you aren’t friends with
    Facebook could mistake any of this for being a ‘bot’ profile and not a real person and before you know you, you’re in Facebook Jail!! 

You can read more on Facebook directly


Let me know your thoughts!