First time at the football… Aston Villa V West Ham

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one who dreads the thought of going to the football! Being surrounded by Swearing, sweaty, lager louts for 90 mins+, no thank you! Give me a nice cosy pub any day!

But my husband a die hard Aston Villa fan and season ticket holder thought it would be ‘nice’ for me to go to a match before we go to our previously booked VIP match on 24th May.

So on the penultimate home game day, we were conveniently child free so he got me a ticket.


I’m not going to lie I was quite nervous at the thought of what might happen! You hear all the horror stories, fights, things being thrown, seats being ripped out it doesn’t paint a pleasant picture!!

So we arrived quite early so we could get a parking space close by,  approaching the ground was an event in itself!

Lots of pop up sellers with their various Aston Villa memorabilia – scarfs, hats & giant flags, lots of food stands and of course lots of optimistic fans – the atmosphere was buzzing and surprisingly positive – not what I expected at all.

So we find our seats and wait for the match! We see some junior fans doing their lap of their pitch for their debut home game (so cute!) The mascots keeping them amused and having their photos taken.

We watched both the teams warm up as the stadium filled up – I was surprised at how many children were there, didn’t really have it down as a child friendly event

As it kicked off there was lots of shouting and singing but overall I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the atmosphere was!

Luckily Aston Villa won so there was a good mood all round throughout the match and I’m definitely looking forward to my next one!

Chrissy J xx

ChrissyJ xxx

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