#ForeverStalkers How not to approach people like Forever Living

Forever Living. The name fills me with dread and it’s because of experiences like this…

So its half past eleven at night and I’m just flicking through facebook before I go to sleep (I know before you say it, its the last thing i should be doing before sleeping but what can i say i just cant help myself!) When my inbox pops up with a message… who on earth is messaging at this time of night… I don’t recognise the photo in the chat bubble thing I click into it and instantly wish I hadn’t…

The cold contact..

Hi Christine (anything that starts like this is going to try and sell me something! )

Not sure if this is for you. .
I wonder if you might like to consider looking at whether the C9 Cleanse may be an ideal tool to help you to energise and loose some weight.

The cleanse box is a complete 9 day package and includes; 2 litres of aloe drinking gel, 1 packet of shake, garcinia cambogia capsules, forever therm tablets, fibre sachets, shot cup, shaker cup, tape measure and diary/planner which also includes recipe ideas and shake recipes. On top of this you are also added to a private support group on facebook and have my full support throughout the cleanse.

If you are wanting to know more or see real customer experiences of the cleanse I can add you to a closed face book group.

really kind regards
(Name removed and some ‘weight loss pics attached’)

Firstly its half past eleven at night why are you inboxing complete strangers? Secondly why are you suggesting I need to lose weight? I don’t know you, nor do I recall ever enquiring with you, I do however know you work for Forever Living. The name itself makes me cringe. It seems no matter what I do you cant escape FL people. Now don’t get me wrong I’m sure its a great company with great products and I know several of my friends sell their stuff, but seriously I’ve never and i mean NEVER met a bunch of sales reps like them.

I ran Vintage wedding fayres, they wanted a stand (er you are vintage how exactly?) I run preloved baby product markets, they want a stall, I do ANN SUMMERS parties they want me to help promote their products at my parties (don’t even get me started) they are relentless! And I’m sure some of them do really well. But my opinion of the whole company is so bad I shut down as soon as I get a whiff of their samey sales drivel they all spout in selling pages, face to face and in these cold calling inbox messages! Its not good business no matter what they tell you!

Anyway rant over – phone down! – night peeps šŸ˜‰

ChrissyJ xxx


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