Have you met Fran?? Day 3

Creative dating is very important to your business – without fresh customers your business will not grow as quickly as you might like!

So where do we get creative dates?


A great way to identify potential party hostesses to get fresh parties from is to use F.R.A.N!

Make a note of 5 people in each category that you are going to contact to about holding a party:

Old friends * New friends * Work Friends

Sisters & Sister-in-Law * Cousins & Nieces * Mum & Aunts

Mums at School Gate * Hairdresser * Lady at Post Office & Checkout * Dental Nurse * Friends from pubs and clubs

Neighbours from now, or where you used to live

Now you have identified 20 potential hostesses/customers you need to make contact!

Your telephone call may go something like this…

Hello. My name is Gemma, we met last month at Nikki’s house. I run the local <insert your business name here> business. This is a no pressure call, but I thought you were very fun and lively and that you would make a great hostess to hold <insert business> party… 

Let me tell you about the amazing hostess offer we have this month…

Great, so shall I book you in for the last Friday of the month then?…”

Store Canvassing (if your brand has retail stores)

Canvassing in store is a great opportunity to generate fresh parties – not only are these ladies aware of the brand but they already buy the products! They are the perfect target market for booking in for parties!

You don’t have to spend all day in store even just an hour can get you 2-3 bookings, just ask me to book you in, or look out for the weekly store canvassing availability report and get booked in!

Street Canvassing or Leaflet dropping

Leaflet dropping is a great way to get out and about locally – order canvassing leaflets online and get out there! Why not go with a friend or two and cover a larger area quicker?

Or you can street canvass in your local high street – Take your leaflets and your diary – Approach ladies (especially those in small groups!) explain you are the local Ambassador/Presenter/Consultant and would they be interested in a fun, free night in?

Not everyone will say yes but don’t let this discourage you! A no doesn’t mean never it just means not right now so give them a leaflet or take their details and contact them in the future.

Facebook / Selling pages / Online advertising

You can advertise wherever you would like – you’ll find examples of posters from your up lines, if you cant find what you’re looking for, just ask on my facebook page – i’m sure someone can help 🙂
When putting statuses up on Facebook remember to make use of attractive keywords such as ‘Free’ ‘Discounts’ ‘Exclusive offers’ think what would make YOU choose to book a party or plan an order with someone!

I look forward to hearing your results on the page!

Chrissy J xx

Let me know your thoughts!