Haven Activities & Entertainment for 2022

Here is a round up of the Haven Activities & Entertainment for 2022 – Some new and some that have been around for a while

Prices are based on Burnham on Sea and may differ on other sites – Details correct as of 11th May 2022

Aqua Inflatables

Cost – £6
Bookable – Yes
Age – 5 to 7 yrs & 8 to 16 yrs

Take on the inflatable assault course over in the main pool! This is split into 2 sessions one for the 5-7 year olds and one for the 8 to 16 year olds.

Parents need to be in the water for the younger session and the lifeguards are on hand to help them though.

For the older ones sessions the lifeguards make it as hard as possible for them to get across by throwing water and balls at them while they try to get across the obstacle course.

The girls loved it, the only downside is the sessions are at 8.15pm for the Juniors and 8.45/9.15pm for the bigger ones so it is quite late.

Bug Hunt

Cost – Free
Bookable – Yes
Age – All ages

This is one of the kids favourite things to do but it gets booked up really quickly.

For the bug hunt you will join your sites ranger (ours is Ranger Laura at Burnham on Sea) and get hunting for bugs. You will usually have some free time to go and search off on your own along with a guided tour of some of the bug hot spots around camp

You’ll be given your very own bug hunt kit (tweezers and a lidded pot) to try and find as many different bugs as you can before you all share what you found over on the bug hotel.

Haven Holiday Bingo

Cost – £1
Bookable – No but a play pass is required
Age – All ages

They have mixed Bingo up this year with a new format – Haven Holiday Bingo hosted by Mr Tom Bola

Its a bit of a cross between bingo, karaoke and a quiz. You have your normal numbers being called and then mixed in with it all are Disco Balls, Quiz Balls and Crystal Balls.

Disco Balls – This is where the karaoke part comes in! They will play a song and within the songs lyrics or title is the number clue. Think songs like, Summer of 69 and Dancing Queen (young and sweet, only 17…)

Quiz Balls – you have to answer a quiz question to get the number, this could either be via a visual clue or a written question. For example – A bakers dozen (13)

Crystal Balls – These add a bit of fun to the game, we have had things such as play with your ticket upside down, mark your numbers off with the pen in your mouth, swap your ticket with someone to the left etc

The kids really like playing it but some nights it does go on for such a long time with all the added extras thrown in and they get a bit bored towards the end.

The prizes are usually some sort of teddies – we won a set of seaside squad minis

Blue vs Yellow

Cost – Free
Bookable – No but a play pass is required
Age – All ages

Part of the new evening entertaiment schedule is Blue vs Yellow.

Lots of fun and games that gets the whole room involved. Holly always likes to get involved and we will have a whole pile of these certificates by the end of the season!


Cost – £20
Bookable – Yes
Age – 2 years +

We booked this for Skyla (my neices birthday) for all 5 of the girls to do. We hadn’t seen anyone doing it so didn’t know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised at how good it was

First you choose you bear, they had around 10 to choose from and you are given the stuffing to fill the bear up by hand. This was a little tricky for the smaller ones as you need to try and get it evenly spread.

Next you choose a heart to put inside your bear. You them have to warm it up between your hands before popping it inside your bear with a wish.

Once you zip your bear up (be careful it can’t be undone once you’ve zipped it up!) you are given a plain white tshirt to draw your own design on.

You also get a little bear passport where you can fill in your bears name, date of birth etc and a box to take him/her home in

The girls really enjoyed this activity and we think it was well worth the money. It took around an hour over all to do.

Junior Segways

Cost – £12
Bookable – Yes
Age – 6 years +

Segways have been around for a few years but the girls never get bored of going on them. Although they say 6 years + it is more based on height, so if you have a tall 5 year old they may be able to get on them.

The Stage 1 class is for those who have never been on them before, or who are a bit nervous about using them. They show you exactly how to use them and get to grips with controlling them.

Stage 2 is for those who are more confident on them and is more of a fun session usually placing some games and being a bit competitive!

Tennis Courts

Cost – Free
Bookable – No
Age – All ages

The tennis courts are open for you to use. You can bring your own equipment or pop down to the activity hut and you can hire some. You can pick up some cheap sets down on the high street if you want to get your own set.

Pic ‘n’ Paint Pottery

Cost – £12
Bookable – Yes
Age – All ages

We have done Pic’n’paint a couple of times now. There are loads of different things available for you to decorate including all the seaside squad, money boxes, dog bowls, plates and even mugs.

You get a tray with all the colours on and on the wall you can see what colour they are when dry and glazed.

You do need to paint several coats to make sure you get a good colour on the final finished piece.

As you can see it really does cater for all ages from Holly (3) to Miles (17) again this activity is around an hour long. You do have to leave your artwork to be glazed. You can collect it the next day so make sure you don’t book this on your last day!

Dino Explorers

Cost – Free
Bookable – No but a play pass is required
Age – All ages

This show was around last year but they have upped their game this year with all the screens in the Live lounge. It is really interactive for the kids and they all have a chance to get involved. They can even have their photo with Lexi the T-Rexi

Hubble Bubble Peculiar Potions

Cost – Free
Bookable – Yes but a play pass is required
Age – All ages but suggested for 5 to 12 yrs old

The girls loved joining Professor McFizz to create their very own potions in the Live Lounge.

Each family is given a cauldron, a (fake) spider and all the ingredients for your potion.

Oscar was probably a bit small for the potion making part but he loved the story part at the beginning and Chloe a bit old but Holly and Lottie loved it.


Cost – Mini Archery Free – Archery Coaching £10
Bookable – Yes
Age – Mini Archery 3 to 5 yrs & Archery Coaching 6 yrs +

Archery coaching for 6 years + is with proper bow and arrows. You get a quick demonstration of how to hold the bow and load your arrows before playing some VERY competitive group games.

I love doing this activity and its really good fun, although I do ache afterwards!

Mini Archery is done with smaller plastic crossbows with little suction pad arrows. It’s more of a free play and Holly and Oscar really love doing it.


Cost – £12 Per Boat
Bookable – Yes
Age – 2 Yrs +

I want to say this was a lovely little family pedal round the pond but it was actually the most stressful 30 minutes of our holiday!

Oscar did not want to sit on my lap, he wanted to pedal, but of course he is too small to do that, so instead chose to sit in the middle of Chloe and Lottie who were pedalling and just steer the boat into anything and everything.

If you do go on, make sure you nominate someone else to pedal because it is HARD to do it for a whole 30 minutes.

Holly however had a lovely time ‘sunbathing’ at the back of the boat as you can see

The Play Park

Cost – Free
Bookable – No
Age – All ages

And I couldn’t finish this post off without mentioning the play park where we spend most of our time (Well when the weather allows for it!)

Next to the football pitches you’ll find a good sized play park with lots for little ones to do, ours mainly argue over who is going in the big rope swing.

I hope you are looking forward to your Haven holiday and have found this post useful.

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