I’m going to jamaica 🌴

When Younique launched the opportunity to qualify for a place on an all inclusive Jamaican cruise in January I was over the moon! I could do this u really COULD!  Only need 25000 points in 5 months – easy! Until I got to may and realised I only had 23733 points to finish the month.

Devastated. Was an understatement.

My best friend qualified and I was over the moon for her! But still gutted that I wasn’t going.
Then Younique announce they are giving the black status leaders were all going to be given 2 spaces to give out as they choose too! Some gave it to people who were closest others chose draws.

Luckily I qualified for the 2 draws our black status chose to run! So 2 chances had to be pretty good….

First draw has around 11 people in… it’s drawn, it isn’t me… I stopped watching at this point a few seconds later I hear the loudest shriek from my best friend telling me I’ve won. I don’t believe her and have to watch it over and over till I burst into tears!

Im super excited and know next year I WILL qualify to save myself the stress!!

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