It’s all about choices really….

People often ask me, what do you do? and when I tell them the general response is ‘WOW is there anything you don’t do?’ and this is why this questions offends me so much..

Firstly its almost as bad as when I say I have 5 children. ‘Don’t you have a TV?’ ‘ Have you found out what’s causing it yet?’ ‘You must be crazy’ these all annoy me equally as much and for the same reason really. Last time I checked my life was for me to do with it what I will, I’ve chosen to have a large family and to have lots of jobs, so why do people feels it is ok to question this?

I don’t ask you why you choose to stay broke and have one job you go to every day without fail, that you more than likely hate at some level, just because you are scared you ‘won’t like’ being self employed or working from home. This is the difference between you and I you see, I’m more scared i’ll end up ‘liking/settling for’ a normal 9-5 job and stay broke the rest of my life making someone else rich. I’m more scared that I will miss that opportunity of a lifetime which will allow me to spend time with my large family I CHOOSE to have. You see the way I see it is it is all about choice’s. I CHOOSE to try everything that is offered to me, because if you don’t try it, how will you ever know it wasn’t for you? How will you know that the one opportunity you chose to pass by wasn’t the one which would make you happy and warm inside because you are doing something you genuinely love and feel passionate about day in day out. How can you tell? The simple answer is you can’t. So next time someone you know tells you they’ve joined a company working from home, or even braver, started their very own business, just take a second to be proud of them. Because they didn’t let their fear beat them and perhaps you should try it yourself – don’t be scared of what might happen. be scared of what you could be missing out on…

ItsMeChrissyJ xxx

2 thoughts on “It’s all about choices really….

  1. Kirsty Dimond says:

    Great post! I really agree with you.. My husband and I have four children between us and I took the plunge and started my own business also! It’s been 17 months now and going strong! Best decision I ever made.. Do what makes you happy!

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