Looking great (apparently!)

So after a pretty rubbish day at work me and a friend decided to visit out 2nd home  (the timberdine harvester!) She assured me no drinking but we could have some good food – and the food is always good they certainly never disappoint! – we walk in and as ever there is a wait for tables, so off to the bar we go, and what does she order? A bottle of wine! I can see this is going to end badly from here on in, wine people is my weakness, i love it but it sure as any thing does not love me back! So good food followed by an even better pudding (rocky horror sundae – if you havent had one you are seriously missing out!) The wine soon disappears and we head home.
Wake up the next morning feeling like ive drunk half the bar! How do i feel so bad when i had so little?! Apparently this is because im now 30… hhhmmm not happy about that! So off to work i go feeling a little delicate and have not one not two but FIVE (!!!!) people tell me i look great today. So they are either collectively taking the piss or hangover haggard suits me! Oh well at least im hidden away in an office all day 😉


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