Spamming v’s network marketing

Ive worked in network marketing / party plan for over 12 years now and I understand that people in networking marketing have to advertise to grow their business. But there is a BIG difference between advertising, recruiting, getting your name out there and just spamming group after group after group.

I’m not a fan of advertising in groups and personally it isn’t how I choose to grow my network marketing business. I know some people prefer to choose this method, But posting in a group, on top of 4 or 5 other posts for the same company / Product is not professional. Not professional at all! It makes you look spammy and desperate.

It also doesn’t reflect well on the company you work for. I’ve seen a group today where 5 presenters from the same network marketing company have posted within the space of 2 hours one after another, virtually Identical posts and pictures. If you are doing this


It will not get you new business or customers as people will just scroll past all the ‘samey’ posts and chances are Facebook will slap a ban on you for spamming in groups.

Instead focus on working on your network and take time time actually make friends and, you know, actually TALK to people and you’ll find you have a much better response!!!



Let me know your thoughts!