Spamming – Please don’t vomit on me :(

Here is a perfect example of Spamming! You know how it is, you see a post on facebook that interests you, it might be a mascara, a body wrap, or the latest fad diet so you message the person posting it a fairly short message along the lines of hi – I’m interested in your could you tell me some more info?

and what comes next you could never expect in a million years! In this instance I asked about a body wrap kit which was advertised (i’m overweight, lazy and love my food who wouldn’t want a wonder wrap that can get rid of all this weight?!)

Thank you for requesting more information about the It Works Business Opportunity. The initial set up cost to become a distributor is £90.00. You will have your replicated website free for 30 days, marketing materials, you will be automatically commission qualified for that month and you will receive a box of Ultimate Body Applicators (4 wraps) which sell at £25.00 each. You can use those wraps to try the product first or sell them and make your money back instantly. 2 boxes of wraps after this will cost you £85.00 and you will sell them for £200.00 so your profit will be 115.00 not bad for an investment of £85.00. The most popular start up kit is the mini booster. This is £197 and you will receive 12 wraps, 4 facials, a defining gel and a Cleanser (my favourite product) So this will retail at £520.00 making you an instant cash profit of £320.00. There are other packs available to you too once you join. If you are interested then please let me know and we can go through this in depth. Our business is built up of retail customers, loyal customer (loyal customers receive wholesale pricing for life) and distributors. There are also weekly and monthly bonuses up for grabs Ways to Run this business Start by hosting a launch party – If you buy the mini booster you will probably sell out at your launch. The idea is you build your confidence in the business and with the products with your closest friends and family. Start a business page on Facebook and ask friends and family to share it – This can take off quite quick so be prepared to sell plenty of wraps in your first 2 months Do you know any Salon owners, Hairdresser, nail techs, gym owners? Get in touch you have a product they want even if they don’t know about it yet. You’re not alone in this business!! Team ***** is a family that will answer any questions you have, we meet up, we have fun and most of all we support each other.

So I just reply a thumbs up to this to show I have acknowledged the message…..

the costs are £90 for the smaller start up pack, including four wraps. The bigger option is £200 and includes 12 wraps, 4 facials, a cleanser and a defining gel. Both packs include insurance and a few flyers, you can sell your individual wraps for £25 each and you can use some of the bits of your pack to use yourself to show people your results, i use my own cleanser everyday and love it and had a lady buy my defining gel but sold all of my wraps at £25 each and made my money back straight away, the wraps pretty much sell themselves when people see results. Then you make your commision and bonuses by signing people up as product testers or loyal customers and as soon as you get 4 loyal customers you get £120 of free products to use yourself or sell. I used mine to wrap myself as a treat My best friend *** got a £20000 bonus in january hence why i signed up as you can make some amazing money by not doing much and just telling people about wraps and selling them alongside other products. If you were to sign up I would be there every step of the way to help set you up get you started when you have a question at 3 am etc etc and basically speak to you everyday until you build your own wrap empire and you become me and teach people how to sell them yourselves. It takes 5 mins to sign up, your stock would be with you in a week and if you set up a facebook page tonight and invited everybody you could have sold your wraps before they have even arrvived. Let me know if you have any more questions

The other option is just to sign up as loyal customer and that gets you 4 wraps a month for £58 so work out at £14 each but to buy individually they work out at £25 each so you get a massive saving in order to get them at that price you have to sign up as loyal customer for a minimum of 3 months, but you can change products monthly – and you get them at my cosy price x

Does any of that make sense? And do you have anymore questions xx


Luckily I’m not new to this sort of ‘selling’ so it doesn’t particularly phase me, however if you’ve only asked about their product and they bombard you with all this information (normally copied and pasted and not tailored to what you actually wanted to know – less is definitely more on this occasion!!), you are pretty likely to do exactly what I did and go and ask someone else, who simply replied, the cost they are, how many you get and would I like to order?!!!

So just remember, when someone asks you a question, just answer it! If they want to know more, they will ask, you don’t need to vomit information all over them from the word go… 😉

Happy Selling!!

Chrissy J xx

Let me know your thoughts!