Skinny Mint Detox Tea

I’m sure the money I have spent on diet products I could have just had all the fat sucked out by now!!

But here I am trying another new product!

I have been intrigued as to whether a ‘tea’ can actually help you lose weight, after all its just a few herbal bits thrown in a mesh bag and dunked in hot water right?

This does come with some vague instructions on some diet changes, cut out processed food, sugar, and try and swap all white versions to brown (rice, bread etc) so that’s some fairly basic advise!
There is also a small 30 day exercise plan, with nothing too strenuous on so we will see how that goes!

There are 2 bags of tea for this detox – a morning boost with natural caffeine and a night time ‘cleanse’ (laxative I’d imagine!) and you have one of each everyday for 28 days.

Today I did my not very glamorous ‘before’ photos and weighing in at 173lbs – Wish me luck!

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