Chocolate Orange Cookies from BakedIn Junior Baking Club

If you follow us you will know I love unique subscription boxes and we have been fans of bakedin baking club kits to get us through months of lockdown and the kids love them! And now I have subscribed to the BakedIn Junior Baking Club subscription boxes – these monthly junior baking kit boxes featureContinue reading “Chocolate Orange Cookies from BakedIn Junior Baking Club”

Junior Baking Club from BakedIn

You have probably seen in our previous posts that we already subscribe to the BakedIn Baking and Bread clubs and love them. So when the Junior Baking club box launched of course we had to give it a go! Our first box arrived today, which is actually a free starter box with the free brandedContinue reading “Junior Baking Club from BakedIn”

Homemade Pizza and Tear’n’Share breads

Another edition of our BakedIn sub box mixed in with some Roberts Bakery pizza base mix First we started off making the pizza bases, we bought a ‘Get Baking Kit’ from Roberts Bakery it can be used for bread, rolls and pizza bases – you just add oil and water (we previously made bread andContinue reading “Homemade Pizza and Tear’n’Share breads”

Bakedin baking club

For Christmas I got the girls bakedin cake and bread subscriptions so we could make things together each month without having to think about getting hold of the ingredients or having to put thought into being creative (home schooling, working from home and existing is enough for my brain to cope with at the moment!)Continue reading “Bakedin baking club”