Thinking out side the box Day 4

You have already had loads of ideas for how to build your party line up however the most successful Party Ambassadors boost their income with thinking outside the box with how to bring in the extra sales

The easiest way to help with those extra sales is to get other people to do the work for you!

Raffle Squares
Print sheets off and give them to everyone you know! They can sell them to their friends / family & work colleagues for £2 and the winner gets £50 to spend in the catalogue! Extra earnings and sales for you!

Online Parties
Set up a group for your hostess to invite her friends into, play games, post about the products, ask people what they would like to try, what have they tried, do they have a favourite? You could even set up a party yourself invite all your friends and hold a mystery hostess draw so everyone who invites a certain number of friends, or places an order for X amount goes in a draw to win the hostess benefits for that party 🙂

Catalogue Folders / Party in a box
Use these if your parties cancel – you should have hostess coached to perfection (See tomorrows email) but sometimes cancellations are unavoidable!

Catalogue folders are so easy to make – Print off posters highlighting the offers, incentives and bonus buys that are available – give this and some catalogues to your ‘hostess’ and let her do the selling for you 🙂

Or if you already had an event set up where the hostess invited her friends – turn it into an online party! (see above!)

Although men probably wont want to attend parties they can still order! Around Christmas and Valentines you can send out wish lists for ladies to give their partners to order from you – Offering free gift wrapping is always a great incentive too!

Shh Girls / Star Sellers
Got a friend who is too shy to do parties? But needs some extra cash?

Why not let her show some catalogues round and offer her 15% Commission for any orders she collects in – You’ll get a little bit of earnings plus all the sales will count towards your sales targets and you can earn yourself some hostess rewards along the way!

5 for Fizz
This is an example of how to get other people to help find you party bookings – Offer a bottle of fizz when they find you 5 bookings (you can offer any incentive and change the criteria to whatever suits you) Just keep it in peoples heads that if they send people your way there is something in it for them too 🙂

Fairs & Shows
If you are allowed to resell your products then why not look at attending some local fairs, fetes, shopping nights etc, this is a good way to not only shift some stock but to also bring in fresh bookings (and recruits!) and get your businesses name out there!

Leaflets & Business Cards
Although I have previously mentioned these – make sure you have some! Leave them EVERYWHERE! I still have people call me from cards they found several years ago and tucked away in their purse!
Thats all for today – If you have any other ideas please feel free to share them on the page!


Chrissy J xxx


Let me know your thoughts!