Treasure hunting on Easter Sunday

If you live in Worcester you may already know about The Lost Woodsman on Insta. He has been crafting (and now also growing!) Little surprises and hiding them around Worcester since the end of Dec 2020. His latest ‘hide’ today consisted of 100 carvings (Foxes, Badgers, Mice, Owls and trees) and 200 Tomato plant seedlings.

We were ready and waiting in town for the clue release at 12 looking like we’ve been sponsored by Be Your Happy Place 😆

When it was released, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t have a clue but I knew someone who would! Sammie to the rescue she got it straight away and off we went for a 20 min walk over to Ghulevelt Park (A very kind insta lady also dm’d us the answer as we commented we had no idea so thank you Claire!)

Unfortunately we weren’t quick enough to bag any treasures but the girls had fun looking anyway and we did get out the house for almost 4 hours which was a welcome distraction from staring at these 4 walls for months

We are all super excited for next Monday when we will be allowed back to our 2nd home 🥰
You can find the lost woodsman on instagram

Catch up soon!

Chrissy J xx

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