Nails Inc Polish July Birchbox

Much as I love nail art – painting my nails is definitely not my favourite thing! I have no patience and apparently also a very unsteady hand!

The sample pot we got in this months Birchbox is cute but I was struggling todays the end of the 2nd hand to get much on the brush without wiggling the brush in the pot
I also couldn’t locate this colour so I am not sure what it is called but I do love the colour!

The instructions say to do a base coat then 2 coats and a top coat – I didn’t have a base coat to hand but I don’t think it would have made much difference

It took 3 good coats to get a good coverage, it also seemed to take forever to dry (I’m not patient remember!) I’m not sure that for the price tag (RRP £15) that it is any better than the one’s I picked up in New Look last week for around 1/4 of this cost – I’ve already smudged 2 since doing it and I did allow 30 minutes before doing anything 🙁

But I do love the colour and the look of the finished set – Maybe a good investment for someone who can sit around and wait for it to fully dry 🙂

I found them for £14 online at Boots with a good collection of colours 🙂

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