Sassy Shop – Scent Discovery Subscription box

After reviewing the Teddy Eva Scents box, I really wanted to find another box to compare and as I received a Sassy Shop product in my Business Box I thought it was a good one to try! (And next month I will do a straight head to head on the boxes!) Who are Sassy Shop?Continue reading “Sassy Shop – Scent Discovery Subscription box”

Teddy Eva Scents Subscription Box

I love finding a new subscription box and this one is no exception. I am really excited to try out one of Teddy Eva Scents subscription boxes! If you are on Tiktok you will likely have come across Ross and Rachel (No not that Ross and Rachel Sorry!) at some point. And if you haven’tContinue reading “Teddy Eva Scents Subscription Box”

Astro Panda Wax Melt Subscription Box

After having Covid in October I lost my sense of smell and it is FINALLY starting to come back, I can smell some of the most random things yet other things not at all! So what better way to test out some new smells than by grabbing myself a new wax melt sub box 😍😍Continue reading “Astro Panda Wax Melt Subscription Box”