Wax Melt Subscriptions – Battle of the Boxes

I do love a good head to head battle and I thought we would move away from clothing and give the Wax Melt Subscriptions a go! I ordered both a Teddy Eva Scents box and the Sassy Was Shop Wax Melt Subscriptions to compare what you get for the cost. Teddy Eva Scents You willContinue reading “Wax Melt Subscriptions – Battle of the Boxes”

Sassy Shop – Scent Discovery Subscription box

After reviewing the Teddy Eva Scents box, I really wanted to find another box to compare and as I received a Sassy Shop product in my Business Box I thought it was a good one to try! (And next month I will do a straight head to head on the boxes!) Who are Sassy Shop?Continue reading “Sassy Shop – Scent Discovery Subscription box”

Astro Panda Wax Melt Subscription Box

After having Covid in October I lost my sense of smell and it is FINALLY starting to come back, I can smell some of the most random things yet other things not at all! So what better way to test out some new smells than by grabbing myself a new wax melt sub box 😍😍Continue reading “Astro Panda Wax Melt Subscription Box”