Skinny Bakery – Diet Friendly Cakes!?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled across the Skinny Bakery. Making these wild statements that they’ve created lower calorie alternative cakes, cookies and Doughnuts with 30-50 calories. Get out of here! What is this witchcraft you speak of to ease my sweet tooth?! So I ordered them! Because this definitely comes under theContinue reading “Skinny Bakery – Diet Friendly Cakes!?”

Trying a bit of Gousto – Day 1

We already love HelloFresh but a friend suggested we try Gousto too! Our first meal choice was Sweet Chilli Chicken and Sesame rice We had some ingredients swapped out for this due to a supply problem but it was still really good The recipe was easy to follow 🙂 The main difference we found betweenContinue reading “Trying a bit of Gousto – Day 1”

Slimming world Moroccan Lamb

First go with my Slimming world cookbook tonight – Moroccan Lamb and cous cous was my recipe of choice 🙂 It suggested it was approx 25 mins to prep and cook which probably wasnt far off and its fairly straightforward to do – measured it all in one jug cooked in all in one panContinue reading “Slimming world Moroccan Lamb”