Social Eats Events – Bromsgrove Rugby Club

I only saw the Social Eats Event advertised this week on one of the bands pages who were booked to play. I thought it would be a great opportunity to see how Holly and Oscar get on at a festival, albeit a small one! Who are Social Eats Events? Social Eats Events were founded inContinue reading “Social Eats Events – Bromsgrove Rugby Club”

Amplify Hospitality Review – Little Mix

I decided to treat Gaz and I to Amplify Hospitality when we finally got to see Little Mix last year after it being delayed due to Covid. Amplify Hospitality Cost Amplify Freestyle Package – £151 + £10 Service Fee per ticket. I also paid £2.95 per ticket for Ticket Protection and an admin fee ofContinue reading “Amplify Hospitality Review – Little Mix”

Swimming Lessons in Worcester – Nemo Swim School

**Please note this swim school is no longer active 2/9/2023 Chloe and Lottie have been desperately waiting for places to come available for them to do swimming lessons in Worcester, but with Covid restrictions they have been waiting for over 2 years now to get started. Over the Bank holiday weekend I spotted a postContinue reading “Swimming Lessons in Worcester – Nemo Swim School”

Birthday Night out – Where to drink in Birmingham

My birthday started off with being woken up with a very excited 4 year old bouncing on my head shouting in my face that there were presents to be opened and ‘something hanging on the wall’ which In my head was hoping it better be a banner and not Oscar.. thankfully it was just HappyContinue reading “Birthday Night out – Where to drink in Birmingham”

First time at the football… Aston Villa V West Ham

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one who dreads the thought of going to the football! Being surrounded by Swearing, sweaty, lager louts for 90 mins+, no thank you! Give me a nice cosy pub any day! But my husband a die hard aston villa fc fan and season ticket holder thought it wouldContinue reading “First time at the football… Aston Villa V West Ham”