What does a parkrun volunteer do?

If you follow my page you’ll probably see we often post about being a parkrun volunteer when we aren’t running or if its a junior event – But I keep getting asked what does a parkrun volunteer do?? Most of you will already know that parkrun is a free weekly event – it is aContinue reading “What does a parkrun volunteer do?”

Black leggings are so last year…

Our obsession started back in February, when I saw these leggings on a friends post.. they were bright, they were beautiful and everyone was raving about how comfortable they were, so naturally I just had to buy some and so my obsession began with Confetti Hearts 😍 They are super stretchy without losing the patternContinue reading “Black leggings are so last year…”

Redditch Arrow Valley Leap year parkrun

Today we did our first parkrun at Arrow Valley Park in Redditch with Worcesters cancelled due to the flooding we had to travel to get our very special Leap year parkrun in! Although the weather was not on our side when we arrived (rain rain and some more rain!) We managed to hide in theContinue reading “Redditch Arrow Valley Leap year parkrun”

Why parkrun is more than just a walk in the park…

I had never heard about parkrun until earlier this year, even though at the time there were TWO events on every Saturday morning local to us – My husband and I also take part in Race for Life and the Worcester 10K’s so we are ‘into’ our running! It was one of our caravan friendsContinue reading “Why parkrun is more than just a walk in the park…”