Skinny Bakery – Diet Friendly Cakes!?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled across the Skinny Bakery. Making these wild statements that they’ve created lower calorie alternative cakes, cookies and Doughnuts with 30-50 calories. Get out of here! What is this witchcraft you speak of to ease my sweet tooth?! So I ordered them! Because this definitely comes under theContinue reading “Skinny Bakery – Diet Friendly Cakes!?”

Good Pair Days – Box 3 – Oct 2022

I thought I would try a little experiment so with this Good Pair Days I ordered 1 bottle from each price band The price bands are Up to £10, £10-15, £15-20 and finally £20-30. I thought it would be good to see whether I could tell the difference – spoiler – I couldn’t! Who areContinue reading “Good Pair Days – Box 3 – Oct 2022”

FabFitFun Summer 2023 box

Yay for Summer… or at least the FabFitFun Summer 2023 box anyway! What is FabFitFun? FabFitFun (or fff box as it is shortened too) is a lifestyle subscription box which is issued seasonally featuring beauty, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle products (full-size, no testers here!) with a FabFitFun Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter box each year.Continue reading “FabFitFun Summer 2023 box”

FabFitFun Spring 2023 box – Happy 10th Birthday FFF!

The FabFitFun Spring box is celebrating FabFitFun’s 10th Birthday! I have been a subscriber now for around 3 years but I had never heard of them before this so it was surprising to find out they were infact 10 years old. What is FabFitFun? FabFitFun (or fff box as it is shortened too) is aContinue reading “FabFitFun Spring 2023 box – Happy 10th Birthday FFF!”

Good Pair Days – Wine Subscription Box 2 Sept 2022

It’s time for my Good Pair Days 2nd box! Again all Rose because this is my personal preference. They do also do white, red and sparkling options, you can even have a mix of them all. You can read up on my first box here I know not everyone wants to read a blog soContinue reading “Good Pair Days – Wine Subscription Box 2 Sept 2022”

Lookiero Vs Stitch Fix – Birthday Edition

Not sure how I managed to forget about this Lookiero vs Stitch Fix box, but looking back at what was in the Lookiero perhaps that was why! I gave both Stitch Fix and Lookiero the same brief to see who would come up with the best outfit Holly helped me with unboxing this one andContinue reading “Lookiero Vs Stitch Fix – Birthday Edition”

Wax Melt Subscriptions – Battle of the Boxes

I do love a good head to head battle and I thought we would move away from clothing and give the Wax Melt Subscriptions a go! I ordered both a Teddy Eva Scents box and the Sassy Was Shop Wax Melt Subscriptions to compare what you get for the cost. Teddy Eva Scents You willContinue reading “Wax Melt Subscriptions – Battle of the Boxes”