Time for a change!

I am terrible at looking after myself and I was shocked when it came up in my timehop the other day it had been TWO YEARS since I had my hair cut ūüôą so I made a promise to myself that this year I WILL be making time for me.

Time to get fit. Relax (which I find very difficult) and time to do things for me.

Hogans Worcester

So first I booked in to have my nails done and next it was time to tackle my severely neglected hair. I dont like people touching my hair which I think is what makes it such a chore to go and have it done.

I opted for a cut and colour at Hogans in Worcester

Oscar couldn’t wait

Of course I wasn‚Äôt child free and Oscar needed feeding ūüėā

Before and after

My head feels so much lighter! Now just to maintain it and keep the greys hidden ūüôą

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