10 Etsy Sellers you should check out

When I was having my office built last year I put a shout out on an Etsy seller group for things to make my office beautiful. There were so many responses but I chose my favourites and these are 10 Etsy sellers you should check out!

Quidem Clay

When Marta commented that she had this little Pink dish available I had to have it! It’s super sweet and perfect for stashing my earrings on between wears (ok I know technically not for my office!). I love that is was also packed with pink shredded tissue paper and I was able to reuse this in one of my own parcels I sent out.

She sells a range of clay dishes – some of which can be personalised and are so reasonable priced at only £10-15 each.

You can find them on Instagram Pinterest and Etsy

Mosie Crafts

Heather at Mosie Crafts not only makes these beautiful bedroom name wall hangings but she also does mirrors, birth announcements, Memory boxes and lots of other wooden gifts.

Again these weren’t for my office but I am so pleased I found Heather as these are beautiful and perfect for Holly and Oscars rooms. She offers lots of themes for these Including Dinosaurs, tools, hearts, swirls and of course the 2 I opted for below.

They are really well made but also lightweight, so easy to hang up on walls or doors (ours are on the wall using gorilla tape) These were £15 each and measure approx 25cms across – Mosie Crafts products start at £5 on Etsy

Find them on Instagram Facebook and Etsy

Earth Energy Art

Yes, I know these are technically greetings cards but they are the exact size for what I wanted! The 4 of them fit perfectly into this 4 picture frame which I purchased previously from Amazon.

They are printed on good quality card and are blank inside should you actually want to use them for their intended purpose. They were £8.50 for a set of 4 or you can buy them individually for £2.85 each. A4 prints of these images are also available for £30 each with a mount – they do have other watercolour images also available as greetings cards or prints.

You can follow her on Instagram Facebook and Etsy

Wild Love Pots

Plants are something I thought I really needed in my office not only for the prettiness but also for the other benefits they offer (I found this great article about them!) and I didn’t just want any old boring pots.

These polka dot black, white and pink pots are very me and I just need to decide what plants will be making their home in them. They do have drainage holes in the bottom so I am on the hunt for some matching water dishes now.

They arrived really well packaged and I just adore them! These were £12 (there is a discount code below) other colours start at £10.

You can find them on Instagram Facebook and Etsy

And I spotted this code too : SAVE10 for 10% off your purchase 🌻😃

Fat Mallow Co

If you follow me you will know I have a crazy addiction to these Mallows. It all started when Sarah put a sample in a subscription box a few years ago and now I just can’t get enough! I have to stop myself ordering them on a weekly basis haha!

Raspberry Beret is my personal favourite and the girls absolutely love the Funfetti vanilla ones.

I have also recently discovered the cookies they do, Funfetti cookies to be exact – I ordered them for the girls actually but after trying one no way was I sharing!

The girls do also love the Hot Chocolate toppers Sarah does at Christmas and last year Chloe was so excited to get snowmen shaped mallow toppers in her Christmas Eve box!

You can order online or they also offer collection if you are local to Milton Keynes from The Fat Mallow Co Kitchen in Newport Pagnell.

You can find them on Instagram Facebook and Etsy

Maddie Rose Handmade

Mariella is so talented, creating gifts from felt including little Christmas tree hangings, beautiful bags and reusable washable make up removed pads.

I got a bag and a bookmark from Maddie Rose and the book mark has become very well travelled! It came all the way to Cuba over New Year and helped me make my way through all 5 of these books while we were there and a few people commented on how cute it was. Not only was it pink (winner) but it is shaped like a tea bag which is perfect for tea addicts like me!

I also got this beautiful wrist bag, Im sure that isn’t the right term but it has a removable wrist strap in a matching fabric. It is so roomy and is beautifully made, so beautiful that I haven’t used it yet as I don’t want to get it dirty but it will certainly be coming with me on our next holiday!

You can follow them on Instagram Facebook and Etsy

Curious Print Studio

At Curious Print Studio we have Alisha who does beautiful prints, mugs, stickers and pin badges! As you know I am quite the tea addict so the Positivi-tea poster was an absolute must have for me! It now hangs right behind me in my office.

The dictionary style hangry, calories and snaccident were destined for our lovely new kitchen complete with grey frames to match the cabinets! Everyone who comes in comments on them and how accurate they are! The postcard with the personal message also found its way into a frame and now sits on the windowsill in my office.

You can find them on Instagram Facebook and Etsy

Thats my type

Next we have Amanda over at That’s my type, here you’ll find lots of printed quotes – Ok so this one also didn’t end up hanging in my office because I thought it deserved a more prime spot in the house! So this one now proudly hangs in our living room above our mirror and I love this saying. Again framed with frames from Amazon

You can find them on Instagram Facebook and Etsy

Inkterior Art

Laura is currently on Maternity leave but I couldn’t not show you her work because they were (and still are!) my absolute favourite additions to my office.

Chucking it in the fuck’it bucket is one of my favourite phrases and I knew this was going to be the perfect fit for my office. Paired with the if nothing goes right, go left! frame. Which is another thing I say so these 2 really were made to be in my office!

The bucket comes with a tiny pencil and notebook ready for those things you just need to chuck in! I haven’t yet had to put anything in the fuck it bucket but I am sure it’s only a matter of time! Both of these have taken pride of place on my heart shelf that sits behind me on the wall in my office. Again these came beautifully packaged and delivered super quick

Laura is an incredible artist and I highly recommend checking out her instagram

You can find her on Instagram Facebook and Etsy

Daisy Chain Makes HQ

I left this one till last because how can you not smile back at this little rainbow face? Lizzie over at Daisy Chain Makes was recommended to me by someone else and crochets THE cutest things from Rainbows to mini plant pot covers, you are sure to find something to brighten up your office (and day!)

I have this hanging in my office just above my monitor and it makes me smile every time time I look at it.

You can find them on Instagram Facebook and Etsy

I hope you will find something you love from one (or more!) of the 10 Etsy Sellers you should check out above and I would love to know what you buy! Please do also share this post on your socials and lets help more people find all these beautiful products

ChrissyJ xxx

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