30 Tomorrow!!!

Can’t believe I am turning 30 tomorrow (I know I don’t look it right?? 😉 ), when I was younger I thought by the time I was 30, I’d have been to Uni for most of my 20’s, so wouldn’t have had time for children or relationships, I’d have passed all my Law Exams and be working within the Legal Profession.

Instead I decided to dash all my dreams by stupidly getting pregnant at 15 BUT I went on to have 5 beautiful children and sadly also gaining an angel baby along the way.

I’ve moved house over 17 times, attended 8 different schools, picking up a handful of GCSEs and a Forensic Science Qualification, Worked for 7 different Car Manufacturers and 10 Direct Selling companies, not to mention numerous other jobs and businesses of my own! I’ve seen my way through 9 cars, 2 ‘Serious’ Relationships, found ‘the one’ and married him and moved across the country several times!!

I think, in my 30’s, I’m due a rest! ‪#‎BringItOn‬

ChrissyJ xxx

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