5 Reasons to Shop or Sell on Vinted

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I recently discovered Vinted and I can’t believe how addictive it is. So here are my 5 Reasons to Shop or Sell on Vinted!

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What is Vinted?

Vinted is a buying/selling platform for pre-owned items – so not always used, there are alot of brand new items also!

It was created in 2008 when Milda was moving house and just needed to declutter her clothes. Her friend Justas helped create a website to advertise what she had and it was so popular, Vinted was born.

Now with over 1000 employees and over 50 million users across 15 countries it had grown to be one of the go to places to buy / sell pre owned products.

It has also moved on from just being a pre owned clothing platform, you can now also list unused beauty items, childrens toys, furniture and equipment, small tech gadgets (such as headphones etc), homeware, entertainment items such as books, games and CDs and pet care items.

You can find out more information on what you can/can’t sell here

So let’s get onto 5 Reasons to Shop or Sell on Vinted

Declutter things you no longer need / use

We all have those clothes that just go to the back of the wardrobe (or drawers) to die. We have no intention of ever wearing them, or in my case ever fitting into them again. So why not give them a new home?

I have managed to almost halve my wardrobe (making space for all the things I am now going to buy from vinted!)

Earn some extra Cash

And while making all that extra room you will of course earn yourself some extra cash!

The money you receieve can be transferred into your bank when you are ready (there’s no charge for this) Or you can leave it on your Vinted balance to buy new things with

I’ve only been using it a month and have already pocketed over £200 just from those things that were never going to see the light of day again.

Its free for sellers

Vinted is free for sellers to use, listings do not ‘expire’ or have any specific end date.

You can update them as much as you like with new photos, or update the listings even change the price.

Buyers can make you offers so I do always price everything a little bit above what I would like for it so there is some room for negotiation.

You also have the option to offer ‘bundle’ discounts on people shopping with you for those buying 2,3 or 5+ items – You can set this to between 5% and 50% off their bundle. This is optional and you don’t have to offer this.

One of my favourite things is the customer also chooses and pays for the postage. You can then download the label and drop it off at the relevant drop off point. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer just show them the QR code and they can print it for you.

Customers have the choice between UPS, InPost, Yodel, Evri and Royal Mail and you can deselect any of these in your settings if you don’t want to offer postage with them.

There are some additional options to get your items noticed, you can ‘bump’ an individual item for a small fee (these vary by the item) or you can buy a ‘Wardrobe Spotlight’ which is £6.95 for 7 days.

Helping reduce landfill

Of course by selling / buying preloved items you are saving many many tonnes of clothing going to landfill. So you can be happy in the knowledge you are doing your bit for the environment.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

Buyers are protected

Vinted run their payments via a sort of Escrow service. They keep the money safe for buyers until they either confirm delivery, leave positive feedback or for 48 hours after the item shows as delivered.

So no more chasing sellers for postage information, this is all updated within the conversation thread. If they don’t send it or you have a problem with an item, Vinted will deal with this for you.

You can earn credit by referring friends

Edit : May 2023 – the refer a friend bonus is currently on hold but hopefully it will be back soon!

Ok technically this makes it 6 reasons but I couldn’t go without mentioning their refer a friend bonus.

For each friend you recommend that lists 3 items within 7 days from registering you will get a £5 Vinted credit. If they then go on to complete a sale within 30 days of registering you’ll get another £10!

So free money just for helping spread the Vinted word

I hope you have found all this information useful, as always if you have any questions feel free to pop them below or drop me a comment over on my social – links below!

Happy Buying and Selling!

ChrissyJ xxx

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    Annabel says:

    I love Vinted!! Trouble is I spend more money than I make 😆

    1. Im selling all mine and buying the kids even more stuff haha Holly loves going through and hearting everything she wants!

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