5 Tips To Keep Your Clothes Fresh When Travelling

Musty smells in luggage are common during a trip and usually occur because of poor air circulation in the storage area. Sometimes, the problem may be from how you pack your items.

In other cases, the mustiness may result from the flight or other factors you didn’t expect. But regardless of the cause, your priority should be keeping your luggage as clean as possible – and doing so is easier than you think.

Here’s 5 Tips To Keep Your Clothes Fresh When Travelling;

  1. Know how to pack dirty clothes

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As a tip, learn how to pack dirty clothes when travelling. Place them in a plastic bag to contain the odour, and separate them from your fresh clothes.
Also, consider spraying them with a fabric refresher before you pack them. drizzling some essential oils on them can also help. You can put a few drops on a cotton ball and leave it in your travel bag, so keep this in mind. Naphthalene balls may also be helpful if you don’t have essential oils. 

  1. Separate your shoes

Aside from dirty clothes, shoes are usually the main cause of funky-smelling luggage. Always pack them in a separate bag, away from the rest of your clothes.
It’s best not to pack a second pair of shoes if you can manage it. But if you can’t, wrap your spare shoes in a plastic bag, just like you will with dirty clothes. You can stuff in some newspaper to eat up the odours or place silica gel pouches inside to absorb moisture.   

  1. Ensure your clothes are stain and odour-free

While this point may sound obvious, it’s worth mentioning. You need to ensure that the clothes you pack are free of odour. That is particularly important if you smoke often. Smoking tobacco, for example, can easily leave smoke stains and odours in your attire. Unfortunately, such unpleasant smells may still linger on, even after washing.
As a tip, wash them with a good amount of baking soda before packing them. Of course, you can also consider buying new clothes, but that’ll cost extra money. Also, if you intend to smoke during your trip, consider vaping instead, as it eliminates the worry of unpleasant odours in your clothes. You can purchase disposal vapes from several online sellers like Driplocker

  1. Place a dryer sheet in your luggage

Even after packing fresh-smelling clothes, they can end up stuffed in an overhead compartment, especially during a long-hour flight. Line your suitcase or bag with dryer sheets to prevent the stuffiness from creating unpleasant odours in your clothes. Their fresh fragrance will help mask or keep out bad odours while keeping your clothes static-free. They cost less than scented candles, essential oils, and other fabric freshers. 

  1. Choose wrinkle-resistant fabrics

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Consider packing clothes made from wrinkle-resistant and breathable fabrics to prevent creases and keep your clothes looking and smelling fresh. Materials like polyester blends, knits, and other synthetic fabrics resist wrinkles better than natural fibres like cotton or linen. Also, prioritise lightweight and breathable fabrics that can quickly return to their original shape. 

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