Animal Kingdom Orlando Florida

Next stop – Animal Kingdom! I love the Animal Kingdom, firstly because it’s a great park, but also because there is lots of shade.

Animal Kingdom is a zoological park based over 580 acres it is not only the largest of the Disney parks but also the largest theme park in the world.

All information & exchange rates are correct at the time of our visit (26th November)


For a car it is $25 (£18.75) standard or $50 (£37.50) for express
For a larger vehicle it is $30 (£22.50)

We aren’t sure what they class as a larger vehicle as we have a 15 seater mini bus and were charged the car rate!

The car parks are great though they are all named – We were in Dinosaur – and the row you are in is clearly marked at the end of the row.

Take a photo of the board or drop a pin on your google maps if you need help remembering where you parked.

Entry to Animal Kingdom

Do check the app for opening times as they can vary – For us it was showing 8am and we got in just before.

Security tip : If you have a glasses case or power bank, hold this out in front of you as you go through the security scan as this sets off the scanner

You will also find this giant Christmas tree at the entrance decorated with animal themed decorations and all Winnie the Pooh characters surrounding the base.

Quick Dining

For our lunch we used Restaurantosaurus and chose children’s meals, as I’ve said before they seem better value.

They also come in a bucket and spade which we took home for the pool.


If you’ve already read my Magic Kingdom post you’ll know we already purchased the $12 (£9) popcorn tub which can be refilled at all the parks for $2 (£1.50), we used this a lot today!

Just be warned its salty popcorn so have a refill bottle ready for all the water you will need – free water fountains are dotted all round the park.


Dinosaur‘ looked like a cool cart style ride, however it is super rough and bumpy.

Be prepared to be thrown about a bit and most of it is either in the pitch black or quite dark so even though the height restriction is low, it might not be suitable for younger guests.

Holly is 3 and tall enough but she was terrified on the ride (but fine when we got off)

For the Safari ride you can keep little ones in the stroller virtually to where you board the bus so that’s great!

If you go on ‘Its tough being a bug’ ride/show **Spoilers** giant spiders drop from the ceiling and dangle above your head.

My teen was virtually laid on the floor in fear.. so probably avoid if you aren’t good with spiders!

We love that you can just take your bags on all the rides, most of them have little storage pockets in the footwell (even the proper coasters!) which makes it much easier to keep valuables with you.

Christmas music in the bright sun is odd though! Here’s a bit of Mariah Careys All I want For Christmas!

Lion King & Jungle Book Kite Shows

The kite shows were awesome, over on the lake pulled around by jetskis and to the Lion King / Jungle Book sound tracks

Oscar absolutely loved it, if you are sat near the front the cast members also get the children involved with props before the show starts