Essential Items That Every New Parent Needs

New parents – they’ve got it rough. Not only do they have to spend all night awake soothing their babies, but they also have to invest enormous sums of money in baby paraphernalia. 

In this post, we take a look at the essential items that every new parent needs. You can think of these products as investments: stuff that will actually make your life easier in the long-run. 

Nursing Pillow

Have you ever seen people on aircraft wear horseshoe-shaped pillows around their necks? Well, you can get something similar if you’re nursing.

You just place the pillow under your baby and around you to help you with positioning and supporting your baby while you feed.

Burp Cloths

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Babies tend to burp and spit a lot. Sometimes, they bring up a bit of bile, particularly during early stages or when they have colic. 

Burp cloths are the ideal solution. They’re essentially just rags that you place over your shoulder or on your lap while you handle your baby. You get them in multipacks, so you always have plenty to hand, and they’re easy to wash at 40 C, so they always come out clean. 

Car Seats

Foryourlittleone provides some examples of the types of car seats currently available on the market. These seats are essential for keeping your child secure while they travel in a vehicle with you. 

There are different types of car seats, depending on your car’s make and money, and the orientation most suitable for your child. Most modern versions are now front-facing. 

We had a Joie360 Spin and it was one of the best investments we made, so much so we got a 2nd one for the grandparents car.


Diapers are essential when you have a baby. Young children will go to the bathroom whenever they like, mainly at the most inconvenient times! 

These days, parents have considerable choice over the type of diapers they choose. Disposables are still popular. However, babies may require having their diapers changed four or five times per day, which means that conventional approaches are expensive. 

You can bring down costs with reusable diapers. However, you must be prepared to wash them regularly. Modibodi who you will know I already love for their period underwear, also do reusable diapers.


Young children and snowsuits are a great combination. Instead of worrying about dressing them with multiple different clothing items, you just zip them up in a single garment – great for family time.

Snowsuits serve three functions: they look cute, they’re easy to take off and they keep your child warm during cold weather. There are countless snowsuits on the market for kids, so explore your options today. 


Does your baby or child have a fever? You won’t know unless you have a thermometer in your first aid kit. 

Digital thermometers are cheap and reliable. You place the electrode under the tongue and then wait for the temperature to appear after several seconds. 

Digital Forehead thermometers are also great for wriggly babies!

Bottles And Teats

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Even if you are breastfeeding, you’ll still need bottles and teats. Occasionally, you’ll want to give your baby expressed milk, instead of having them feed directly. 

Bottles and teats are great for mum when you need to delegate the feed during the night or for when you’re feeling a little sore. 

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