Another Shein Haul!

I am lovin Shein, however you want to pronounce it, it’s got my approval (although they need to work on the packaging cos omg all the plastic!) Here is my latest Shein haul

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Tshirts are my top pick as I love any sassy slogans, this weeks selection includes

‘I am silently correcting your grammer’ If you know me, you will completely understand how much I love this shirt and had to have it in my wardrobe

‘Chaos coordinator’ With 7 children, it really is the only title for me!

‘See the good, Be the light, Make the difference’ And this one I just loved #BeKind

I did also grab this cute little 2 piece set with striped shorts and a black cropped vest top

I do flit between Shein and Shein Curve on sizing because they only have some designs in one or the other, which is a pain but luckily being mid size I am sort of in the middle.

I am a 12/14 (probably closer to a 14 at the moment whoops) and a 34DD

The Chaos coordinator is a Shein Curve in 0XL the other 2 and the 2 piece are Shein Size L. The fit is pretty similar for the 2 sizes so if you are a similar size you might be able to flit between the 2 also.

The quality is really good on these shirts and the print also appears to be quality (sometimes on primark tee’s I can see straight away its not going to last many washes!)

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my Shein haul – I’m sure it won’t be long before the next one!

I have made a tiktok also you can find that here

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