Back at Burnham parkrun

We were so excited to be back at Burnham again this weekend and we even remembered all the buggy parts so we could both parkrun at Apex park ūüėć

Apex Park Burnham Parkrun

We love this course, all tarmac / path so perfect for anyone who is running with a buggy and you get some great views along the sea front. As I am just walking at the moment I am using our iCandy but I highly recommend the out and about nipper range for a study running buggy!

In Apex park you’ll find free parking and free to access toilets (although I would bring some tissue as it’s often empty) There is also a food truck which offers hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks.

The Running Route

The course starts in the car park of Apex park takes you round the left side of the lake, round the right side of the park, along the back near the new houses. Down alongside the River Brue, where you’ll psot lots of boats dotted along the way. This part of the route is the most uneven so do take care.

You’ll follow this all the way down to the yacht club, before running along the sea front down to the turn point and coming back along the sea front. Half way back up the River Bruw path you’ll see the cut through to take you back into the Apex for your last 1km!

The photographer got us a few times on the way round today this was on the way out just alongside the Lake.

And again on the way back, the girls weren’t in the mood for walking so they took a cut through at 2km to meet their dad who had already finished (I didn’t just abandon them on the way round!)

Everyone always asks where my leggings are from ‚Äď you‚Äôll find them from Be Your Happy Place HERE

Should be running childfree next weekend ūüėć Cant wait

ChrissyJ xx

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