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After a busy weekend this morning I decided to treat myself to a pamper soak with some of the bath time products I have accumulated! I’m sure I am not the only person who has a cupboard bursting with things you think you’ll save to use and then end up just never using them! I am committed to using everything before buying anymore products.

I started off with the Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish – The fact it came with a teenie tiny spoon has made my day! As with all Tropic products it is Made in the UK (yay!) Vegan and not tested on animals.

Just scoop it out, rub onto dry skin and then wash off in the bath or shower and your are left with a beautiful oil to soak into your skin to leave it super soft. I thought rubbing it onto dry skin would be uncomfortable but it has a really creamy but grainy texture but isn’t dry – really hard to explain that one!

Next up we have our minus 417 Serenity Legend Hydrating Dead Sea Bath Salts – also Vegan – from my GlossyBox I dumped the whole sachet in the bath, although it did say only use 2 spoonfuls, the kids would just tip it all out if they got hold of it. I’m not really a fan of bath salts, I like my bath to look like it has something in it and have bubbles. I’m not really sure they added much to my bath time but I’m sure theres no harm adding them in!

Tropic Foot Duo

Lastly I finished off with the Tropic Polishing Foot Pebble and Repairing Foot Remedy Cream I swear by this combo for keeping my feet pretty (running does not do your feet any favours and they actually get quite grim at times when I neglect them)

The pebble lasts for absolutely ages – just make sure you don’t leave it in a puddle or it will fall apart pretty quick, a soap dish with a hole or grooves to keep it out of the water would be perfect. The foot remedy cream smells amazing, its a really thick cream but it sinks in really quick and leaves your feet feeling super soft.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Bath time products review! I am feeling totally chilled out and looking forward a productive day 🙂

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