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Social media is an excellent tool for promoting your brand. But it’s also really easy to get it wrong or realise that your social media marketing efforts aren’t getting you anywhere. You might feel like you’re doing a lot but not getting much in return.

If you use social media to your benefit, you can find it pays off. But you first need to make sure you’re using the right platforms and you’re engaging your audience in the right way. To boost your business’s social media presence, you might have to start with some of the basics.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Do you have a strategy for your social media marketing, or are you just muddling along? Without a real strategy, you could just be doing random things that don’t make sense. It’s important to have goals that you can aim for and reasons for the tasks you prioritise.

Your strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be very detailed, although it’s definitely helpful if you consider and plan it carefully. It will give you some direction, helping you to outline why you’re doing what you’re doing and the best way to do it. It can always be tweaked too, so don’t assume it has to be set in stone.

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Create Some Video Content

Using different types of content is essential if you want to engage people on social media. And one of the best formats is video. Video content is very engaging and shareable, and it’s suitable for several channels. Some social channels, like YouTube and TikTok, are entirely based on video content.

Others have video as an option. Consider working with someone like Fable Studios to help you create awesome video content. Professional content can get you much better results. An agency can help you plan and execute engaging content for social media.

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Take a Human Approach

Your aim is to engage people on social media and not just talk at them. It’s important to think about how to create conversations with people. One of the best things you can do is try to make your brand sound more human and allow social media representatives to engage on a personal level.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be casual and chatty, especially if that doesn’t suit your brand. But you can make it clear that there are people behind your brand and it’s not just a faceless business.

Build Relationships

Expanding on the need to appear human, you should focus your social media efforts on building lasting relationships. It’s not just about collecting more followers but also creating loyalty and developing relationships with customers that will translate into benefits for your business.

As well as sharing content, make sure you’re interacting with people through social media too. Engage individual people in conversations, invite people to have their say, and perhaps even use social media to provide customer service.

If you want to master social media for your business, start with a good strategy and the rest will follow.

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