Chloes Dolphin Swim Experience in Mexico

Chloe really wanted to try a Dolphin Swim Experience in Mexico and as there is one on site at Grand Sirenis it was alot cheaper than having to travel to an off site experience.

You can book with the guy at the desk in the Tequila lobby we booked for later on the same day. They offer a free talk and display at 11am everyday so we booked Chloe to do her experience straight after this.

There are several different packages available and they do take place 4 times during the day so there is plenty of opportunity to get booked on. Chloe had 1 other person with her and there were maybe 8 people on the other side of the pool also.

Option 1 Encounter – $79/£64 – 1 Dolphin – 5 behaviours

The 5 Chloe did were Dance with a dolphin, Dolphin kiss, stroke the Dolphin, Play fetch with the Dolphin and a waterfight with the Dolphins.

Option 2 Swim Adventure – $99/£80 – 1 Dolphin – 7 behaviours

As above but you also get the Dolphins to push you along in the water and have them pull you along with their fins. This one is around 60 mins.

Option 3 Royal Swim- $119/£96 – 2 Dolphins – 7 behaviours

This is a combination of the above but you also get more swim time with the dolphins. This one is closer to 90 mins.

Add on – Photos $55/£45 – Minimum of 10 photos

Chloe got 60 photos and we were really pleased with that as they said it would be at least 10.

I did speak to someone else though who was told it was $36usd for 1 photo and $75usd for 3! So make sure you bareter them down if they quote you a ridiculoua price!

You can get picked up from by the tennis courts behind the lobby if you don’t fancy the stroll down. It is only around an 8-10 minute walk but in the heat the air conditioned bus was welcome!

The Dolphin area is located by the spa and ULC beach club building towards the edge of the resort right along the beach front.

Dolphin area is in top left corner

The minibus takes you right into the Dolphin discovery area and drops you off outside the gift shop.

When you arrive you’ll be taken upstairs to the viewing area to watch the presentation and dolphin display.

Personally I am not a fan of being anywhere near live animals in the water but I know it is a popular holiday experience!

Oscar was really excited to watch the dolphins during the talk and he loved watching them perform their tricks for the audience.

The demonstration and talk lasted for about 15 minutes or so. When it finished most people left with just those booked on for an experience remaining.

We were taken back downstairs to book in and offered the photo package (which I did purchase). Then Chloe was fitted with her swim vest and we waited to go back upstairs.

A few things worth noting; You can not wear any sort of jewellery in the pool (apart from your all inclusive band) you should only wear natural suncream, hats and glasses are allowed but they prefer you not to wear them. They also advise wearing swim shoes in the pool also.

Chloe was given a briefing about body language and how the dolphins understand certain gestures. We were then taken back up to the pool.

Along with the behaviours listed above under Option 1 Encounter Chloe was also shown how to get the Dolphins to do tricks using her hands and body language.

The experience lasted around 45 minutes. Chloe absolutely loved it and was so happy with everything she got to do.

Unfortunately they don’t let you get close to watch and take photos so the above video was the best I could get.

They do have a gift shop with loads of Dolphin Discovery branded items. Chloe chose a tshirt for $200mxn/£9.25 which I thought wasn’t too bad. They had dolphin soft toys from $300mxn/£13.50 right up to Sunsafe long sleeved tops which were over $1000mxn/£46

If you are looking for a Dolphin Swim Experience in Mexico then I highly recommend this one if you are staying at the Grand Sirenis or very nearby.

ChrissyJ xxx

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