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I saw these little craft kits for children advertised on Facebook by 10 Little Green Fingers and I knew I just had to grab a couple for the girls! I am rubbish at thinking of things for them to do when it is raining at the caravan, cooking/baking is my usual go too but it creates lots of mess and washing up!

I ordered 2 kits from 10 Little Green Fingers on Etsy – A rainbow bird feeder and a bug hunting kit.

Rainbow Bird Feeders

The first one we have tried is the rainbow bird feeder kit, this one was £8.50 and came with everything you need to make 2 bird feeders.

Holly and Lottie managed to do this unattended while Oscar was running riot in the rest of the caravan!

It comes with really easy to follow instructions and minimal help from me was required.

It was really simple to do and included everything they needed.

Kit contents;
– 2 x pipe cleaners
– 2 x packs of cereal hoops
– 6 x foam rainbow stickers
– 2 x pieces of twine
– 2 x activity sheets
– 1 x instruction card

And also included a checklist of birds that you may spot feasting on your creation! This is a great way to get your little ones interested in bringing wildlife to your garden.

Within seconds of hanging ours up at the side of the van near to the hedge we had a sparrow pop out to snack on it! Holly squealed with excitement and scared it off before I could grab a photo though which was a shame.

Bug Hunt Kit

The second kit I purchased was the bug hunt kit, we often do the bug hunts with Ranger Laura at Burnham so the girls already know what to do and what to look for. This one was a bit more expensive at £18 but contains a lot more.

This kit comes with stuff for outdoors but also some indoor activities which is great as you could spread this out over a few different sessions.

It contains
– Bug Magnifying Box with carry strap
– Tweezers
– Pine cones and bamboo canes to build your own mini bug hotel
– a paint your own caterpillar ornament
– 3 x paint pots and paintbrush
– 5 x bugs (so they can still bug hunt when unable to get outside 😊)
– 1 x bug crayon
– 2 x activity sheets
– Instructions

We haven’t used this one yet but we will definitely be using it on our next visit. So check out our Facebook page for updates!

Craft Kits For Children

These kits are great and we can’t wait to try others from 10 Little Green Fingers you can browse their collection here .

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