Deliveroo reducing their fee for plus members

Deliveroo is very popular in our house and we signed up for the plus service to save on delivery fees. Today Deliveroo have announced they are lowering the monthly fee from £11.49 to £7.99 (not often we get prices going down these days!)

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We’re reducing your Plus subscription fee and changing how our service fees work

We’ll be reducing your monthly Plus subscription fee from £11.49 to £7.99 a month. This means you can continue to enjoy unlimited free delivery on orders from all restaurants and grocery stores when you spend £10 or more, but now you’ll be paying a lower monthly subscription fee. This change will come into effect from your next payment.

We’re also making a change to how we structure our service fee. From today, your service fee will now be 5% of your basket value at a minimum of 49p per order. But as a Plus member, you won’t pay a service fee of more than 99p.

All Deliveroo customers pay a service fee on every order which we use to make improvements to our service. We’ll use this service fee to bring our customers, including our Plus members, a great food delivery experience.

Over the last few months, we’ve launched Deliveroo Plus Rewards, where as a Plus member you get rewarded the more you order from the same restaurant.

We’ll continue to develop our subscription programme so you can enjoy all the benefits that come your way with Plus.


Team Deliveroo

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