Does your shelf have an elf? Here’s some daily ideas

No shelf is complete without an elf the past few Christmas’s and these little tricksters get up to all sorts in the night! So if you shelf has an elf read on.. (and if it doesn’t you can buy one here)

Here are some ideas to help you survive December

We’ve arrived

You elf always needs to arrive in style so why not start his visit off with a bang! Personalised Balloon displays like this are available from Sugar Star Events in Droitwich

North Pole Breakfast

On arrival day you can also do a North Pole breakfast, its like a normal breakfast, but cooler (see what I did there? Cooler, Cold, North Pole? Well it amused me anyway) – Find out more about that from Lisa over at her blog here

All Wrapped up

Credit FB @lisa.peet.92

I’m pooped

Not actual elf poop, obviously, chocolate drops will do!


Up, up and away

You can even buy pre made items for your elf including this balloon set from The Range

Have a smashing Christmas

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Ah yes.. the loo roll

One I do see a lot is the loo roll chaos. Wrap it round the tree, hang it from the lampshade or throw it round the room. The more mess you make the better

Credit FB @lisa.peet.92

Insta famous…ish

If you are stuck for ideas this pack from the range covers 5 days of elf fun – its available at The Range

Breakfast is serv… oh

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Arts & Crafts

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Use the Force Elfie

Why not add a twist to your elves visit by incorporating your favourite things – Star Wars for example!

Credit IG @queeniesg

Don’t play with your food..

Credit IG @queeniesg

It’s snow joke being an elf!


Elves mis beer-having

Credit IG @queeniesg

Taking the pea….

Credit IG @queeniesg

Reach for the sky

Credit IG @queeniesg

I’ve got my eyes on you

Credit IG @queeniesg

Taste the Rainbow

Credit IG @queeniesg

Gone Fishin’


Christmas Eve is here

When it is finally time for the elves to disappear to the loft, I mean North Pole for another year, there are lots of ways for them to say goodbye. You can take this opportunity to leave your children a Christmas Eve Box like the ones from Holly and Ollie

Credit FB @unicornsdinosaursandme

Elfie Activities

Can you solve the puzzle?

Your elves don’t just have to cause chaos. They can also bring fun activities for your little ones to do.

Check out this Elf jigsaw you can download the template for free from InThePlayroom

Download the template for FREE here

Credit FB @InThePlayroom

Elf Science Experiments

If you are feeling super brave and creative why not get your Elf doing Science experiments? Emma shares her favourite Elf experiments over on her blog check it out below

And if these aren’t enough for you – Nikki also shares lots more ideas over on her blog below

I hope this post has inspired you to up your elf on the shelf game! We would love to see what your elf gets up too so feel free to comment below of tag us on social media @itsmechrissyj

Good Luck!

ChrissyJ xxx

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