Emailing people? That’s so 90’s…

So many people tell me they don’t ‘need’ an email list because they do all their business on Social Media these days – eeeekk this one sentence makes me want to cry for them!

You do not own your social media, doesn’t matter what platform you use, the provider can remove you / delete your account at any time – with or without good reason!

Recently we had a real run of ladies within our business who lost their Facebook accounts, this included their PERSONAL facebook profiles and any associated groups and pages – Yikes! Your business gone, just like that. Just imagine for a second how you would feel if this happened to you?

So building an email list away from your social media accounts means you can maintain contact should the worst happen and of course you can use it to directly contact your customers who may miss your posts on social – we all know algorithms are not in our favour!

Some other things you can do to help with the above, alongside building your email list away from you social media is having a trusted friend/family member as an additional admin on your groups and pages so even if your profile did go you could still access these.

Make sure you have a strong password – this will help stop your account being accessed by any hacker / bots that could lead to your account being closed.

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