Fully Biodegradable Make Up Palettes?

Urban retreat palette

This year we have been trying to make better choices with the products we buy and the amount of waste we produce. We know we can’t change overnight so it’s been small consistent changes along the way. So when I came across these Fully Biodegradable Make Up Palettes I was pretty excited to give them a try!

So who are Urban Retreat?

Urban Retreat by Acti-Labs has been around since 2009. Starting off its UK direct sales channel as ActiDerm with just 11 great skincare products in 2011. It rebranded in Acti-Labs in 2012 and expanded into the USA in 2016 and Canada in 2017. And now in 2021 they have expanded again adding Urban Retreat a luxury Spa located in Knightsbridge, London and rebranding to Urban Retreat by Acti-Labs.

The range now consists of Make up, Skincare and Body products alongside a range of wellness lines.

So what about these Fully Biodegradable Make Up Palettes?

As soon as I saw these advertised I knew I had to have one. Firstly I have a slight addiction to eye palettes, its the sparkle, it draws me in they are just so pretty!

And then to find out the whole thing is fully compostable (apart from the mirror), I just had to try it. Made from recycled card and using vegetable based ink (who knew that was even a thing?!) these can go in your normal household recycling when you have finished with it.

I went for ‘Midtown‘ an 18 pan palette full of peachy, pink and purple tones in matte, shimmer and full on its-time-to-party glitter shades and I wasn’t disappointed. They glide on beautifully, blend really well and no creasing in sight. Midtown is just £29.50 or you can join the VIP customer plan for free and get it for £26.55 (or even get it for free with a little help from your friends! Find out more here)

The results are in

The colours on this palette are just beautiful and all compliment each other so the colour combinations are endless (If you are a geek like me you will have googled this and now know there are 262,143 possible combinations!)

I paired this with the 3D corrector cream in Medium which is £19.50, which is more a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. I am not a fan of heavy foundations so this was perfect as its light and blends into your skin. For those interested in the science it contains

  • Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 which counteracts skin exhibiting loss of supplenesselasticity, and firmness
  • Hydrolysed Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid which combat loss of radiance and rough skin texture
  • Vitamins E & C protect against free radicals.

And lastly the Skyscraper Mascara in Black, this is my favourite mascara wand shape. It glides onto the lashes without clumping and contains over 100 nutrients, including vitamins A and C to nourish the lashes and follicles. So a bit of a lash pamper as well as looking great!

I am by no means a make up artist but I am pretty impressed with the colours and coverage of these eye shadows and the fact they are fully biodegradable make up palettes. The 3D corrector cream is lightweight light coverage perfect for those who, like me, don’t particularly like the feeling of foundation. The mascara isn’t clumpy and it does build up so you can go for a light swipe for the daytime or build it up for full on night on the town lashes.

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