Asleep in under 5 minutes every night??

I read somewhere once that intelligent people have more trouble sleeping than less intelligent people, by this standard I literally must be the modern day Einstein. Getting to sleep is not my strong point. Although I’m more convinced that my trouble sleeping it down to me doing ‘all the things’ and never really having wind down time.

I have to have real ideal conditions to drift off without any help – can’t be too warm, or too cool, not too light but also not pitch black. Pillows and duvet need to be in the right places, I am quite particular. Or have had a bottle of wine, this also works, however not ideal on a regular basis!

Last night I was laying in bed until about 2am and I couldn’t sleep (mainly because a friend is having a baby and I am waiting for news!) but then I remembered I had a little secret sleep trick I saw somewhere on Facebook. A post someone shared about ‘100% success rate – be asleep in under 5 minutes every night’

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This might sound ridiculous and I never believed it would work in a million years but the theory behind it is sleeping is the only thing you pretend to do before you actually do it, pretty random fact there for you!

Help me sleep!

So what you do is take up your optimal sleeping position and follow a 4-6-8 breathing pattern

Getting comfy is the first step – whether you want to be curled up and cosy wrapped in your duvet or star fished out on your back – you need to be ready to sleep!

Next take a deep breath in for 4 seconds and breathe out for 4 seconds.
Then take a deep breath in for 6 seconds and breathe out for 6 seconds.
Lastly take a deep breath in for 8 seconds and breathe out for 8 seconds.

Repeat the cycle as many times as you need too. Put all your focus into your breathing and try not to let your mind wander off and you’ll quickly find it working.

I normally don’t get past the first round before I’m at that stage between sleep and awake which quickly puts me into a deep sleep!

It sounds crazy but as your body changes your breathing when you sleep, so this almost forces your body into that sleepy state! Anyway it’s amazing give it ago – oh and you’re welcome 😉

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  1. What a great tip, almost like a new ‘counting sheep’ game but with breathing! Interesting you mentioned drinking wine helping you sleep, studies show alcohol stops us from getting that deep REM sleep we need. Hope you’re getting some good sleep now with this strategy. #hobbytoheyday

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