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I upgraded my phone a few months ago as Oscar smashed my screen and I would need to sell my old mobile once I had the screen repaired.

I knew I would need to shop around but the results shocked me! I also compared the extra cashback you could get via TopCashBack

My Phone : Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G 128gb – Perfect condition, no water damage on Three

Information correct as of 19th May 2022

Music Magpie

I think this is probably one of the most well know places to sell old tech. I have definitely used them in the past to get rid of phones and other bits.

Music Magpie will buy Phones, Games Consoles, Kindles, Smart Watches, DVDs, Books, CDS and even speakers and headphones!

You can get a free instant quote of what they will pay you for your items – You do need to sell at least £5 of items to complete an order with Music Magpie. They do also have a maximum of up to 500 items per order, you can create additional orders if you have more to sell.

They supply you with your postage label so you just need to price it up, box it up and post it off. They say they pay out the day it arrives with them which depending on your postage choice I would guess to be 2-3 working days.

They offered me : Unlocked or on Three – £230 (EE, O2 or Vodafone it would only be £171)
Payout choices : Bank Transfer, Paypal or Donate to Charity
Cashback via TopCashBack : Not for sellling only for purchases
Refer a friend option : Yes you get £5 / They get £5

Click here to claim your £5 and find out more


Another one of the more known places to sell your old phones.

Envirofone send you a free unique Enviropack. This specially designed packaging will protect your phone when you return it.

Envirofone also have the option to be paid in ‘Envirocash’ which gives you a store credit to spend with them on a new phone. If you choose this option you would get an extra 12% on your phones selling price.

If you know you want a new device then this is a great little bonus for selling to Envirofone unfortunately I already have a new phone so this didn’t appeal to me.

They offered me : £245 – Didn’t ask what network it was on (£274.40 with Envirocash)
Payout choices : Bank Transfer or Envirocash
Cashback via TopCashBack : Upto £5.25
Refer a friend option : No

Click here to find out more

Grade Mobile

So this one miffed me a little, firstly I have never heard of them. But there are alot of these businesses now so that’s not too surprising. However when I entered all my information they offered me …. Zero pounds?!

I don’t know if this is a problem on the site and the pricing is an error but obviously I wasn’t going to go with Grade Mobile as I have had cash offers elsewhere. They do look they prefer to take in iPhones and are currently offering up to £595 on those.

If you do choose to use them they do offer free shipping to them and same day payout when they receieve your handset.

They offered me : £0
Payout choices : Bank Transfer
Cashback via TopCashBack : 7.35%
Refer a friend option : No

Click here to find out more

Although named ‘we buy any phone’ they do also buy iPad and Smartwatches – so don’t overlook them if you also have these to sell!

A nice easy online search tool and they give you 4 different options to return it to them. I prefer when you have the options as I do prefer to use Royal Mail as I have an almost daily collection anyway, so it’s great that this is an option.

Same day payout is offered, they do say they can take up till 2pm to test your handset so payout could be paid anytime after that.

They offered me : £150 Unlocked / £130 tied to any network
Payout choices : Bank Transfer
Cashback via TopCashBack : 5.25%
Refer a friend option : No

Click here to find out more


I didn’t even know GiffGaff offered a trade in service, but they do and it’s open to everyone whatever your network.

They are one of the slowest payers, they say to allow up to 48 hours after they receieve your handset for the payout to be done.

They offered me : £250
Payout choices : Bank Transfer and optional charity % donation
Cashback via TopCashBack : £3.15
Refer a friend option : No

Click here to find out more

Sell My Mobile

Sell my mobile is a comparison site that will search all the sites for the best deal on your handset.

They gave me prices from 9 different websites with varying postage and payout options. Great if you don’t want to spend time shopping around yourself.

They offered me : Between £190 – £236 Unlocked / £1 – £226 on Three
Payout choices : Varies by who you go with
Cashback via TopCashBack : No
Refer a friend option : No

Click here to find out more


Lastly we tried Mazuma, another one I have used previously. Mazuma also buy Laptops, Macs, Tablets, Watches and Consoles.

Weirdly they don’t actually have my model listed – so I went with the closest match. Mine is a G986 and they have the G985 on there.

Once you have selected your device you can choose to print your own postage label or they can send you a pack out to send it back.

They offered me : £250 Cash or £275 Giftcard Unlocked / £240 Cash or £264 Giftcard on Three
Payout choices : Cheque, Bank Transfer or E-giftcard
Cashback via TopCashBack : No
Refer a friend option : No

Click here to find out more

So where is best to sell my old mobile?

I was pretty shocked at the difference in what you could be offered for your handset. So it is 100% worth shopping around before making a decision.

Overall if you were happy to have an eGiftcard then Mazuma would come out top (although they didn’t have my exact model and mine is slightly better than the one they quoted on)

Envirofone came second if you were looking to buy a new handset from them using the Envirocash

I chose to go with GiffGaff as they gave the best price overall for my model.

Have you ever used any of these? I’d love to know what you thought of their service let me know in the comments below

I hope you have found this information useful please feel free to share it!

ChrissyJ xxx

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