Hickory’s Worcester – Birthday Celebrations!

This weekend we had Miles for the first time since he turned 18 so we went to Hickory’s Worcester to celebrate.

Who are Hickory’s?


The authentic tastes of the Deep South. We are a small but perfectly formed group of authentic barbecue style restaurants who live and breathe the values of southern USA hospitality…

Our first road trip across America’s Southern States sure did start something…

We made friends with pitmasters in Texas, ate pulled pork in South Carolina, baby back ribs in Memphis & burnt ends in Kansas City – meeting some of the friendliest folk on earth along the way.

One journey was never going to be enough, so every year we scour the backroads & highways from Missouri to Mississippi in the name of new recipes to take home. We’re now roughly up to 18 trips to over 70 towns & cities across the states & counting…

The first Hickory’s Smokehouse opened in 2010 in Chester, a year to the day after the first roadtrip & we’ve been welcoming guests ever since. If you haven’t joined us, you can find our restaurants across the North West, East & West Midlands & North Wales & we’d love to welcome you for some good old fashioned Southern hospitality.

Source Hickory’s Website

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We have tried Hickory’s twice before and been pretty disappointed so are hoping for third time lucky!

Popcorn for the table…

When you are seated you’ll get a small bag of popcorn for the table, we think it was a mix of sweet and salty. We probably could have done with one each, it was pretty small!

But I did notice this feature wall – How cool is this? With various Worcester references. It’s a really nice touch and I wonder if they have it in all the different locations?

Hickory’s Main Courses

The boys went for ribs and brisket. I opted for the Southern Fried Chicken and Bacon with Waffles and Syrup – it was delicious! I actually couldn’t finish it and probably didn’t need the side of fries I added on.

Gaz had a half rack of ribs and he thought it was ok but nothing special. They all cleared their plates though!


None of us could manage a dessert but I really wanted someone to have the Table Toasted Campfire Marshmallows. You get a little fire pit tin to melt your marshmallows – so cute, but also £9 for 10 marshmallows!

Would you recommend Hickory’s?

Our meal cost just under £95 for the 4 of us. We only had mains, 2 soft drinks, 2 beers and 2 pink gin and lemonades. So I feel it was quite expensive for a very average meal. But it was where Miles wanted to go, but we probably won’t be back for a 4th time.

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