Holistic Wellness Ideas For A Healthier Lifestyle

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In our quest for a happier, healthier life, many of us are checking out all sorts of natural tricks and habits. While modern medicine is fantastic, it generally focuses on sickness- whereas by utilising nature and holistic practices we can work on wellness and prevention instead. Here are some ways to go about it. 

Treating Ourselves
We all need a bit of TLC, and doing things that relax us is super important. It could be a cosy bath with fancy smelling salts , a cup of herbal tea or a gentle rubdown and massage with some essential oils or broad spectrum CBD oil before bedtime. It could be cooking a healthy yet delicious meal flavoured with lots of herbs and spices. These self care moments can help us to chill out and reduce stress.

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Connecting with Nature
When you spend time outdoors, whether it’s in your own back garden, a local park or a nearby forest its a great way to practise holistic wellness. The sights and sounds of nature and the fresh air all have a rejuvenating effect on our minds and bodies. The kinds of lives we lead and the jobs we have mean that too many of us spend too long being cooped up indoors each day, so make it part of your routine to get out and about regardless of the weather. As long as you have the right clothing on, even a walk in the rain can be a lot of fun, if you have a child that likes to jump in the puddles then revert back to childhood and join them!

Moving More 
Our bodies love a good mix of moving around and taking breaks. While relaxation is important, so is exercise- but it doesnt have to be anything strenuous if you dont want it to be. Doing things like gentle yoga, swimming or just walking can boost your mood and keep you feeling energetic. Work on small but noticeable changes to your day where you’re doing a bit more activity. You’ll sleep better, feel happier and generally be better all round. 

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Use Natural Ingredients and Materials
A great approach to add a little of nature’s serenity to our daily lives is by using natural materials in our houses and wardrobe. Sustainable wood, organic cotton, and eco-friendly textiles not only feel wonderful on the skin, but also help to create a healthier environment. By choosing these fabrics for our clothes, we not only promote environmentally friendly sustainable practises but also make sure we’re comfortable. Choosing organic beauty products enables us to feed our skin with substances that are free from dangerous chemicals. These things also help us feel good about the decisions we’re making for our health

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