How to Keep the Kids Entertained in the Scenic Staffordshire Countryside

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Welcome, brave souls, to the land of amazing views, thrilling adventures, and perhaps the odd sheep or two. Look around and you’ll see the sprawling green landscapes of Staffordshire, which, quite frankly, are enough to keep your kids entertained, provided they have a robust imagination and a keen interest in mud pies. But fear not, for those less inclined towards the naturalist lifestyle, we’ve got a fair few tricks up our sleeves.

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Alton Towers

Let’s start with Alton Towers. Famed for its dizzying roller coasters and fairy-tale charm, it’s like Disneyland, but in Staffordshire, and with a more pronounced accent.

Never fear, there’s plenty for the smaller kiddos too. CBeebies Land promises giggles and magic, with a side of learning that they hopefully won’t notice.

Try the Premier Inn near Alton Towers for a comfortable stay, and you’ll be able to make sure your little ones get the full Alton Towers experience.

Cannock Chase

If theme parks aren’t really your family’s jam, then we suggest taking advantage of Cannock Chase’s walking trails and visitor centres. For those particularly inclined towards four-legged friends, there;s even a riding centre that offers both pony treks and lessons for the equestrian-inclined.

Gladstone Pottery Museum

We’d be remiss to not mention one of the most unique spots in Staffordshire – the Gladstone Pottery Museum. Kids will have an absolute blast exploring the interactive area, and you can even take a tour of the old factories to get a glimpse into what life was like back when pottery making was an everyday affair. 

History Thrills 

Now, if your tiny explorers are also history buffs-in-training, Staffordshire has you covered. March them to the Tamworth Castle, a real-life Norman castle that will have them running around and defending their imaginary kingdoms until nap time. You can also pop over to the Ancient High House, the largest timber-framed townhouse in England. It’s history with a good dose of fun, and the kiddos will be none the wiser.

Farm Loving

But let’s not forget, we’re in the countryside! Why not introduce the little ones to some friendly farm animals at the Lower Drayton Farm? With interactive animal meet and greets, countryside walks, and play areas, it’s a full day of fun guaranteed to tire them out. It even has an indoor pumpkin village and you can pick your own pumpkin too! 

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Monkey Forest

And if all else fails, the Trentham Monkey Forest is a total winner. Because who doesn’t love monkeys? Witness the kids’ wide-eyed wonder as they observe over 140 Barbary macaques roaming freely in the forest. Plus, after all the excitement, they can refuel at the cafe with some delicious cakes and pastries. 

So, there you have it, a day in the Staffordshire countryside will surely keep the little ones entertained without restoring to the dreaded iPad. Be ready for muddy shoes, lots of laughs and memories that will keep the talking until their next adventure. And perhaps, just perhaps, they might take a nap on the drive home as a bonus!

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