4 Budget-Friendly Ways To Fake Home Renovation

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Home renovation can be costly and time-consuming. You may put your renovation plans on hold when considering how much you’ll need to complete even the most minor home improvement.

But as the popular saying goes, you can “fake it until you make it,” even regarding your home renovation. It’s all about being budget-conscious and employing less intensive tricks to freshen up your home without losing an arm and leg.

Continue reading to learn a few of the best tips to do so…

1. Keep everything organized


Remote work has come to stay, and recent data shows that many people in the UK work from home an average of 1.5 days weekly, nearly half a day, than the rest of Europe.

Why not add personality and style to your home office if you are among these statistics? The good thing is that you don’t have to do much to put everything in order. Low-cost accessories such as framed photos, vases, or storage bins create an eye-catching and organised space.

You can also use chalkboard paints to create an inspiration board on your wall. Nothing says sophistication more than a well-organised space. 

2. Introduce faux fireplaces 

Every space feels more comfy with a fireplace. A real fireplace’s fascinating flames and heat add warmth to your home. However, installing one can be costly and require a lot of work.

Fortunately, you can introduce a few designer-approved faux ones with a bit of creativity into your home. Some DIY faux fireplaces you can try include a mantel with a shelf, a simple white wood mantel, one with a built-in chalkboard, and so on.

Meanwhile, log effect electric fires can also add the beauty of a fireplace without all the hassle of introducing a real fireplace in your home. 

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3. Brighten the space 

Dark workbenches, depressing fluorescent tubes, and flickering ceiling lights show how much attention your home needs.

Even the most updated home can feel gloomy and unwelcoming with poor lighting. You can hire a professional to install built-in lighting to brighten the home’s mood without breaking a wall.

You can also DIY install battery-operated lighting to save even more money and achieve the same impact. Hang a light above your dining area, or use an LED strip under your bathroom vanity for instant effect. A little lighting update can truly transform the space. 

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

4. Play with paint 

Fresh painting can bring so much life into a dull space. Many home interior designers believe that paint is a straightforward and pocket-friendly approach to fake renovation.

You can use the right paint on even your tile surfaces. Like dark tones, using white paint throughout your home can hide so many flaws. You may also use the same colour on your ceiling and trim, which can be very comfy. You can make a statement by painting your cabinets in bold shades.

If your flooring also needs a fresh touch, consider painting it with a bold pattern instead of replacing it. That can draw all the attention and make the entire space look completely renovated. 


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