How to make your own A4 Wrapping Sheets

I paid a small fortune for printed wrapping sheets until my printer stopped doing them 😭 everywhere else I have looked are even more expensive so I had to make the decision to stop using them within my orders as I couldn’t justify the costs at the time

Then I saw this little tip on tiktok and now I just print my own! Especially helpful if you don’t want to order hundreds of wrapping sheets at a time.

Obviously you will be limited to A4 if you have a standard printer but they are great for those with smaller products

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I used this paper from amazon to practise (25 sheets for £2.39) but you can buy larger packs, for example 200 sheets for £7.39 here

You can find me on tiktok here

Let me know how you get on by commenting below or feel free to share a picture and link to your biz over on the post on my facebook page 😊

ChrissyJ xxx